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How Senator Jeff Sessions Led Professor Victor Williams to Support Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

[update: On May 12, 2016, in the U.S.A. Today, Senator Jeff Sessions published an exceptionally insightful analysis of  why Donald Trump (as America's advocate) should be chosen over Hillary Clinton (a committed globalist) as our 45th President.]

As noted, in June 2014, Professor Williams launched as an academic, civic engagement endeavor to emphasize the dynamic, transformative potential of integrating digital technologies together with disruptive innovation strategies to be applied to law and politics.

The litigation and civic engagement projects of were designed to promote common-sense solutions to national problems. Special focus is given to those systemic policy concerns and legal problems that have been recently worsened by the dysfunctional political order establishment.

In fall 2014, Senator Jeff Sessions Teaches Professor Williams Some Hard Lessons on Immigration, Fair Trade, and Struggling American Workers.

But sometimes, Williams's civic engagements projects have caused him to fundamentally rethink his policy positions. 

The best example of this was when Professor Williams attempted to gain ballot access in Alabama to offer a competitor to Jeff Sessions, in fall 2014, when the Alabama Senator faced neither primary nor general election opposition.

Professor Williams had (and has) the greatest respect and admiration for Senator Sessions. Victor Williams knew Jeff Sessions from Williams' time as a law clerk for federal judge Brevard Hand in Mobile, Alabama (when Sessions was U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of Alabama) and agreed with him on many issues. 

Still, Williams was surprised that in 2014 when Jeff Sessions did not have any primary or general election opposition. Alabama Democrats had negligently and indolently failed to field any opposition.

With precious memories of halcyon days living in Fairhope Alabama, while clerking for Judge Hand in Mobile, Williams thought Alabamians should be given a general election ballot choice so that issues could be fully debated.

And it appeared to Williams to be against the spirit of the Seventeenth Amendment (requiring not "appointment" but direct election of U.S. Senators) for any person to take Senate office simply by accepting his party's nomination (thus an appointment).

So, Williams mounted an "outside agitator" faux-campaign for the fall election while suing Alabama for independent ballot access.

(Living in Bethesda, Maryland, Williams did not have a snowball's chance to collect the absurd number -- 30,000 -- of signatures that Alabama law requires for Independent ballot access and placement).

While the lawsuit was effectively slow walked by the Alabama political establishment, Williams used very low-cost digital ads and social media for the disruptive campaign effort. In addition to the immigration issue, Williams struggled to find points of disagreement with Senator Sessions. Still the relative success of the 2014 digital campaign was, in hindsight, quite remarkable.

Sessions Flips Williams' Views on Immigration and Struggling American Workers.

In running the faux-campaign against Jeff Sessions during the late summer and fall of 2014, however, Professor Williams developed reason to rethink his own views regarding illegal immigration, immigration policy, and the plight of the American worker. 

Even while he continued to be critical of Jeff Sessions for his immigration policy positions, Williams came to have serious doubts about his own positions.

After the campaign, Professor Williams came to better appreciate the dangers that immigration presents to national security and to the economic security of the American worker.

It was Jeff Session's strong views against illegal immigration and immigration policy that motivated Professor Williams -- after the campaign -- to deeply research and begin to more fully understand the issues. 

Williams came to think deeply about Senator Sessions' concern for struggling American workers and about the related issues of fair international trade and restoring America's manufacturing base of the economy.

Sessions' Hard Lessons Led Williams to Research and then Support Donald Trump's Campaign

In summer and fall 2015, this experience with the Jeff Session campaign and this new understanding of the dangers of a broken and corrupt immigration system led Victor Williams to begin academic study of Donald Trump --  the critical study resulted in the Syracuse Journal of Law and Civic Engagement publication.

At first, Williams was resistant to Mr. Trump's strong positions. However, the more Williams studied the extent of the problems, and really considered the need for fundamental reform of the political order, Williams became convinced that only Donald Trump's disruptive approach could as they say-- "Make America Great, Again."

Ironically, Donald Trump exceptionally successful use of social media and free media verified Williams' core thesis in launching in 2014.

Professor Williams became a strong supporter of Donald Trump in December 2015. And he maxed out his FEC primary and general election contributions limits to the Trump Campaign by February 2016.  

During the Virginia primary, Williams repeatedly crossed the Potomac from his Bethesda Maryland home into Northern Virginia. He personally plastered Arlington's road median's Trump yard signs -- replacing them as fast as Arlington's leftist municipal officials took them down.

(Williams was actually returning to the scene of a fall 2001 crime when  Williams had unsuccessfully run in Arlington as the Republican Party's nominee for the Virginia House of Delegates' 48th District.)

In mid-March, 2016, Professor Williams then sought to disruptively support Mr. Trump by himself becoming a "competitor" for the Republican presidential nomination -- for the purpose of having "competitor candidate standing" to challenge Ted Cruz's ballot eligibility.

Additionally, it should be noted that, Professor Williams now humbly contributes to, and supports the future campaign efforts of, Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III.  The Alabama Senator's early endorsement of Donald Trump only increased Williams respect and support for Jeff Sessions.

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