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Congratulations & Thank You 

       Donald Trump and Mike Pence

Now all President-Elect Trump's supporters must redouble our efforts to help push his agenda through Congress and fundamentally reform the bloated federal bureaucracy. We must man the pumps to help President-Elect Trump "drain the swamp!"

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"Lawyers/Law Professors  for



  Latest Campaign News:

    Two Pro-Trump Op-Eds in "The Hill"

       by Prof. Victor Williams

"Trump Will Bring Return to

Rule of Law & Economic Growth"-Nov. 6th


"Law Professor Now Proudly in the Basket

of Deplorables" -Sept. 20th



GOP Lawyers Super PAC

Lawyers and Law Professors for Trump/Pence




Credit to Ted Cruz for

Stating He Will Vote for Mr. Trump


Melius Tarde, Quam Nunquam


September 23, 2016. Senator Ted Cruz

stated that he would vote for Donald J.

Trump for President. Credit to Ted Crud for

finally doing so.

Credit more so to Mr. Trump who graciously


"I am greatly honored by the endorsement of Senator Cruz. We have fought the battle and he was a tough and brilliant opponent.  I look forward to working with him for many years to come in order to make America great again."

All Americans must now unify to defeat the

"wholly unacceptable" Hillary Clinton.




From the Cleveland Convention,

Victor Williams Again Thanks His 

Supporters in the Legal Effort to

Prove Ted Cruz is 

Constitutionally Ineligible


On July 20 2016, Prof. Victor Williams discussed his

ongoing legal effort to prove that the Canadian-born

Ted Cruz can never be President.  Williams' lawsuit

initiated to disqualify Ted Cruz from the

New Jersey primary is now before the New Jersey state

appellate court.  (Williams v. Cruz,  Docket No.

3565-15, NJ-ADSC.) 

November 2, 2016 Update:  The Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court ruled that the case was "moot."



GOP Lawyers Super PAC

Lawyers and Law Professors for Trump/Pence


July 15, 2016

Prof. Victor Williams, who is chairman of a newly-

launched Lawyers for Trump Super PAC, issued a

Press Release that praised Donald Trump's selection of

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to be his Vice-Presidential


"By choosing Mike Pence to be his running mate,

Donald J. Trump has shown stellar judgment. The

Trump/Pence team will indeed 'Make America Great

Again.' Governor Pence has had a career commitment to

free markets, regulatory reform, and pro-growth

economic policies. Working with Congress, the

Trump/Pence Administration will unleash the dynamic

potential of the American economy."

Williams added: 

"And Donald Trump has again demonstrated his

commitment to 'Make America Safe Again.' Governor

Mike Pence is a no-nonsense advocate of law and order

for all American communities. Mike Pence knows that

the first priority of government is to keep all of its

citizens safe. And Pence, like Trump, knows that ISIS

must be obliterated, and radical Islam must be called-out

by name and destroyed."  

Read the Rest of Prof. Williams July 15th statement.


July 4, 2016

Victor Williams Issued a  Fourth of July Press Release

Announcing Launch of a New Pro-Trump Super PAC. 

Prof. Williams asks for all supporters to join this effort to

insure Donald Trump is the 45th President of the  

United States.  

Visit Lawyers and Law Professors for Trump/Pence at 



Judge Curiel Should Recuse

Washington Times' Interview (June 8, 2016).

Victor Williams discusses U.S. District Judge

Gonzalo Curiel's continued affiliation with the

radical La Raza ("the Race") political-lawyers

group that actively promotes illegal immigration. 

For full interview click below:


"Law professor backs Donald Trump’s

conflict-of-interest charge against federal




Prof. Williams' June 7, 2016 Press Release

Endorsing Donald Trump:


 Supporting Mr. Trump's Truth Telling

About "La Raza" Judge Curiel;  Ending

Williams' Write-In Campaign; and Fully

and Proudly Endorsing Donald J. Trump

as our 45th President.


Click Here for full release    301-951-9045



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